Monday, November 19, 2007

Yep, got my BlueMud package today. That was great too, though I made a mistake of ordering two identical eagle pendants from the two shops. Oops. I guess they'll both end up on my charm bracelet... I'm planning to make two of those - on for my best friend for her birthday, with horses, and one for me, a really fun one, with birds of prey and a pirate ship.
That's because I have a character in a story and in a RPG, who is a pirate and whose sigil is a gyrfalcon. he comes from a family of rulers in a country where nobles have birds for family and personal sigils. It's a little complicated, I may write more about it someday.    
Oh, and please ignore the Yahoo writing at the bottom of the post - that's because I'm updating via email. Does anybody know if I can get rid of it somehow?

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