Saturday, August 30, 2008

My new workbench!

My new workbench!
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My new jeweller's desk with some equipment already on it (and beneath it). Acctually, I've had it for two weeks now, but I was too lazy to blog, lol! And, on the other hand, too busy making new stuff on it. Silver is so fun to work with, and this desk makes it a real pleasure. I would really recommend anyone who is serious about metalworking to invest in a proper bench - it makes all the difference.
I also bought all the other stuff you don't see in the picture - steel blocks, punches, pincers, etc. My hubby said the all look like torture devices, and he's afraid to be in the room when I'm working. :)

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Loella Medina said...

LOL my brother also calls my tools "torture devices". I love the bench...I need to get one myself.