Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Caudalie" bracelet

"Caudalie" bracelet
Originally uploaded by Isabeau_bijoux
Caudalie is a French term used to define the time that the aftertaste of wine persists in the mouth; generally, the greater the length, the better the wine.
I bougth the clasp a long time ago - it really caugth my eye! I was waiting to do something equally pretty with it, I hope it works...
In this bracelet, garnet rondelles in two subtle shades and cuts on sterling silver headpins compose the length of the bracelet, along with sterling beads and a decorative sterling clasp in the wine theme.


Meital said...

היי קרן

העבודות שלך ממש יפות
יש לך חנות ברחובות?


Karen said...

שלום מיטל!
תודה רבה על המחמאה! אין לי חנות ברחובות, אבל יש לי חנות באינטרנט