Wednesday, January 2, 2008


So yesterday I made a new benner and avatar set for my Etsy shop. The old one did do anything for me, and I think these ones are much better and clean-looking. The banner, anyway, I'm still not that keen on the avatar. Here they are.
I also struggle with the shop name. I would like to open a website, english-hebrew for starters, maybe add russian later, but the name "Isabeau Bijoux" sounds too foreign in Hebrew, and it's not my real name. anyway. I thought about "KBN designs", maybe, that should be safe enough. But then I would have to change it on Etsy and on LJ, too.
I'll think about it...

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QuintessentiallyEnglish said...

i loooove the banner! very chic!

Designs by Jenean said...

Very nice banner. I think I'm up for a change soon. I just haven't decided what to use. Decisions, decisions, decisions!