Saturday, January 19, 2008

Malachite necklace

Malachite necklace
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When I was little and grew up in southern Ukraine, I used to love reading russian fairy-tales. There were some wonderful stories about the people and the landscapes of the Ural mountains, where copper and malachite are mined. My favorite was the tale of The Mistress of the Copper Mountain, about a mountain spirit that guarded its treasures. Since then, malachite has always reminded me of my childhood and those stories. So when I made this necklace, I had to give it a Russian name. :) It's called Olga.


Kallia said...

Olga is fabulously green! I will have to check out your work. From what I see here, you're very talented. I am in awe. :)

Shannon said...

What a beautiful necklace. Wonderful color!

babyleila said...

Good luck with your shop! Your things are beautiful.

CJ's Woodland Shed said...

This is lovely!